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Created by OrelSan and Sébastian Strappazzon, AVNIER is a fashion brand designing functional and durable products for film makers and music professionals.
Quiksilver and AVNIER are collaborating on a first capsule collection uniting the audiovisual workwear and surfing universes.


T-Shirt Source Black Mire
65 €

Cap Contrast 
50 €

Hoodie Onset Black Break
135 €

T-Shirt Source Peach Pearl Mire
65 €

Shirt Cut White Noise

130 €

T-Shirt Source Cabbage Secam
65 €

INTERCUT tech jacket
300 €

400 €

BLUR boardshort
110 €

AVWW amphibian
80 €

Crewneck Encore Cabbage Noise
115 €

AVWW lycra
90 €

65 €

70 €

CLAP slide
55 €

JUMP CUT waistpack
55 €

AVNIER Collab - Shop Online

Discover the Quiksilver x AVNIER clothing collection and let yourself be carried away by the captivating universe of this bold collaboration. Explore a range of unique pieces, including jackets, apparel, hats and hoodies, that harmoniously combine Quiksilver's distinctive style with AVNIER's innovative aesthetic.

Two universes

This innovative collaboration brings together Quiksilver's surf universe and AVNIER's visual workwear audio: a capsule collection that highlights the technical trades around surfing with products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Inspired by and for audiovisual professionals

Quiksilver and AVNIER have come up with a range of clothing and accessories that put the spotlight on filming professionals and surf photographers. Quiksilver's iconic Boardshorts are joined by more technical pieces, inspired by the AVNIER signature.

A sense of detail

This collection is distinguished by unique details. On several pieces, you'll find a calibration sight, a symbol used by stage technicians. In addition, an eye representing vision is symbolized in a sun, adding an artistic and inspiring touch to each garment. The White Noise motif pays homage to mountain snow and TV screens, while the wave evokes surfing and sound frequencies.

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